Wordlight Fellowship Ambassadors


WE are co-workers with the ONE True God of Israel our Father as Ambassadors of Jesus our Lord - whom God raised from the dead and appointed him as The Messiah of Mankind, Lord of the Cosmos & The Leader of The Church of His Body of which WE are a member in particular by our spiritual birth of the gift of holy spirit

YOU will thru this online biblical training learn to be light and dispel darkness

YOU will be able to be an effective ambassador of Jesus of Lord

YOU will be part of a cosmopolitan wordwide Wordlight Ambassadors Fellowship Community


YOU will be able to be a light of the Faith to individuals in the darkness and oppression of Satan - the very evil and heartless angel that rebelled against the ONE True God of Israel
and has not submitted to Jesus as Lord of the Cosmos. I refer to Satan as Dark Angel: 

Dark Angel is the Prince of Darkness.

Thank YOU Almighty God our Father and Jesus our Lord for giving us light in our day to day journey.  Amen.

Yours in the Bonds of Fellowship

The Wordlight Research Fellowship