What does it mean to YOU to obey the command of the Apostle Paul and walk in the spirit with spiritual fellowship with God and Jesus???

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The ONE Baptism

Jesus our Lord said God is Spirit - Did you know God our Father is the only Spirit in the cosmos outside of us - our spiritual birth of holy spirit is the ONE Baptism administered by Jesus our Lord and this gift of holy spirit by grace is inside of us - the Love of God in our heart Romans 5:5

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21st Century 95 Points of Light Point of Light 34

We whom believe the light of the Faith are to endeavor to walk in the spirit - our spirit each one of us whom believe has by baptism by Jesus our Lord - and we endeavor to manifest the light of our spiritual birth of holy spirit by the freedom of our will to operate the 9 manifestations and enable the 9 fruit of our spirit to manifest inn our life and become rooted in love with all members of the Church of His Body so all may know we are indeed children of the Most High God of Israel and servants of Jesus our Lord the Head of the Church of His Body

Posted MON 5 JAN 2015

Yours in The Bonds of Fellowship


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